AIDMl'Associazione Italiana Donne Medico
AIDMAssociate Insurance Data Manager
AIDMAutomated Intelligent Decision Making
AIDMAssociation des Intelligents du Monde (Association of Intelligent of the World; website)
AIDMAlternative Instructional Delivery Method
AIDMAlloxan-Induced Diabetes Mellitus (medical condition)
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Phil postgraduate masters programs in basic sciences and clinical subjects, which further attests to the fact that AIDM is the foremost dental institution of Pakistan.
He urged the AIDM students and faculty to always remember this, and while preserving these values, move shouldertoshoulder with the distributes Gold medals and awards to the to the graduate students
The Naval Chief stated that the dental hygiene is a must for any healthy modern society and that the AIDM is providing exemplary service in this respect, according to a statement of the institution.