AIDOAssociazione Italiana Donatori Organi (Organ Donors Italian Association)
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No entanto, e preciso distinguir o culto de Danmgbe de Whydah, do culto mais geral de Dan, sob cujo termo se compreendem Aido Hwedo, de que ha dois tipos, o que vive em baixo da terra e o que vive no ceu; o Da do cordao umbilical, o Dan dos antepassados conhecidos; Dambada, o espirito dos velhos antepassados nao conhecidos ...
An example of this occurred when on her pursuit, Bibiana Aido called herself publically miembrainstead ofmiembro6 delGobiernowhich unraveled a polemic over the grammatical correctness of the term.7 In fact, the Royal Academy of Spanish Language (RAE) used to consider miembroas a genderless noun which could not be made masculine of feminine until 2005.
"It is not going to impact us at all, as all our products come with Aido warranty.
The BizzBook App released by AiDO ( lets users quickly find and book appointments with local pros by sending a quick text message.
Novo Cinemas and are amongst the first merchants to accept MasterPass as a payment method at checkout, with additional merchants going live soon.
Suspect Aido Alarcon Godoy, 21, married, of Sitio Amilig, Barangay Balaynan, Goa, has been identified by Perez's elder brothers as one of the men they saw carrying the sack where the victim's remains were found.
Firmas habituales del medio, como Isabel San Sebastian, utiliza un tono caustico con entradillas como: "Ninguna Leire Pajin o Bibiana Aido puede darnos lecciones de lo que significa ser mujer".
The Arab Women's Organisation (AWO) and the Arab Industrial Development Organization (AIDO) coordinated the three-day event which concluded last Wednesday (April30).
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She completed the race ahead of compatriot Bhutto Aido, who won the kingdom's other silver.