AIDOAssociazione Italiana Donatori Organi (Organ Donors Italian Association)
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Its readers are being tested by major companies in the tire management, document control, pharmaceutical, vehicle ID, food services and general retail industries O AIDO is also a major player in the RFID tire tag/patch segment, which is growing at double- to triple-digit rates.
a shareholder of AIDO, as a marketing budget to manage a comprehensive investor awareness program including the creation and distribution of this report as well as other investor relations efforts.
As Taiwan has been studying the AIDO product for the last three years, we have decided that this will be our system of choice for Fujian province as well.
As part of Advanced ID's expansion into Brazil, it has acquired a 20% interest in AIDO BR.
We have already begun supporting AIDO BR with the provision of critical system integration capabilities, customer service, local product stocking, software solutions and our leading suite of RFID tire products.
The establishment of AIDO BR enables us to improve our global presence with sales and service centers located in Brazil as well as China, England, Malaysia, Portugal, Thailand, and the United States.