AIDPMOArmy Intermodal and Distribution Platform Management Office
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During fiscal year 2009, AIDPMO funded 25 Maintenance Repair Programs worldwide, repairing over 21,560 containers for deployment and redeployment, sustainment, and retrograde of materials to and from OEF and OIF.
The combined effectiveness of GCM through the Container Management Division and AIDPMO is critical to the global container management mission supporting the joint force.
AIDPMO has agreed to accept responsibility of all excess containers turned over to their agency to include all transportation costs.
It is also recommended that the Air Force turn over all excess containers to AIDPMO to manage and maintain.
Additionally, transferring excess containers to AIDPMO will allow DoD to utilize over 3,000 ISO containers it would have otherwise had to lease commercially.
Rumford, (July-August 2008), Logistics Analyst, III-SAIC, AIDPMO, (E.
Our partnership with AIDPMO, together with an SDDC-managed Army Reserve element, has dramatically strengthened our abilities to manage this global DOD general cargo inventory worldwide, thus supporting the warfighter.
Additionally, more than 80,000 ocean carrier and leased containers have been purchased by SDDC and AIDPMO which has resulted in a further reduction in daily detention and costs.