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AIDR 3D is Toshiba's third-generation iterative dose reconstruction software, which has been enhanced to reduce radiation dose compared to conventional scanning.
VeloCT and AIDR 3D Improve Safety, Image Quality, Workflow
Toshiba Medicals third-generation iterative dose reconstruction software, AIDR 3D Enhanced, offers simplified CT dose reduction, while the Infinix-i has a suite of dose management features including the Dose Tracking System.
These savings do not come at the sacrifice of premium technology as the system utilizes the same PUREViSION CT Detector technology that is used in premium Toshiba CT systems and includes AIDR 3D Enhanced (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D Enhanced) to help reduce dose.
Dose Reduction: Patient safety is not a choice and the Aquilion ONE features AIDR 3D, an advanced iterative dose reduction technology that lowers radiation exposure while maintaining the image quality needed for diagnosis.
To reinforce the principle of As Low As Reasonably Achievable imaging, AIDR 3D and NEMA XR 25 Dose Check Software are standard features on the Aquilion Prime 80 series.
Toshiba's AIDR 3D Helps Reduce Radiation Dose, Improve Image Quality
System versatility A total cost-of-ownership solution, the Celesteion can perform diagnostic CT imaging, CT interventions, PET/CT imaging and CT radiation oncology simulation scans - CT dose reduction Ensuring patient safety is not a choice, Celesteion comes standard with Toshiba's most advanced CT dose reduction technology, AIDR 3D, and conforms to the requirements of MITA's XR-29 Smart Dose Standard
These improvements include a AIDR 3D Enhanced (pending 510(k) clearance), an advanced iterative noise reduction algorithm improves image quality for low dose CT acquisitions.
Toshiba Inc announced today that Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts, has installed the Aquilion PRIME 160 CT system from Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc, featuring AIDR 3D dose reduction software.
An alternative is iterative reconstruction (IR): iDose (Philips), IRIS (Siemens), AIDR (Toshiba), and ASiR (GE).
These technologies include AIDR 3D, VeloCT console and leveraging Toshiba's partnerships with Radimetrics and Phoenix Technology Corporation.