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AIDRAustralian Illicit Drug Report (Australian Crime Commission)
AIDRAvaya Image Description (Used for Harddisk images)
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Reconstruction speeds with AIDR 3D, can be up to 60 images per second on the new PRIME.
Aquilion(TM) ONE with AIDR 3D and its Aquilion 32 with the VeloCT console, which enables 64 detector row acquisition, 128 double slice reconstruction, advanced dose reduction and improved workflow.
Toshiba is offering enhancements across its Aquilion ONE CT product line that improve patient experience and satisfaction, including: AIDR 3D Enhanced (pending 510(k) clearance): The advanced iterative noise reduction algorithm improves image quality for low dose CT acquisitions PUREViSION CT Detector (pending 510(k) clearance): This new, more efficient CT detector results in 40 percent better light output for better use of X-ray photons SUREkV (pending 510(k) clearance): Provides safer exams and improves workflow with automated kV selection based on patient size
With AIDR 3D and the PROTECT partnership program, Houston Healthcare has achieved tremendous dose savings.
An alternative is iterative reconstruction (IR): iDose (Philips), IRIS (Siemens), AIDR (Toshiba), and ASiR (GE).
Toshiba's AIDR 3D Helps Reduce Radiation Dose, Improve Image Quality
CT dose reduction Ensuring patient safety is not a choice, Celesteion comes standard with Toshiba s most advanced CT dose reduction technology, AIDR 3D, and conforms to the requirements of MITA s XR-29 Smart Dose Standard.
Available on Toshiba's Aquilion ONE, Aquilion Premium and Aquilion PRIME systems, AIDR 3D enables scanning at lower radiation dose compared to conventional scanning, using an algorithm designed to work in both the raw data and image data space to reduce noise while maintaining image quality.
These technologies include AIDR 3D, VeloCT console and leveraging Toshiba's partnerships with Radimetrics and Phoenix Technology Corporation.
CT Dose Reduction Ensuring that patient safety is not a choice, Celesteion comes standard with Toshiba s most advanced CT dose reduction, technology, AIDR 3D, for safer CT imaging, and is also compliant with MITA s XR-29 Smart Dose Standard.
AIDR, pending FDA clearance, is software that iterates noise out of the image to increase image quality and lower radiation dose (Figure 2).
Aquilion ONE ViSION Edition also includes Toshiba's third-generation iterative dose reconstruction software, AIDR 3D, which incorporates significant system enhancements by reducing radiation dose compared with conventional scanning.