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AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDSAcquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
AIDSAlmost Ideal Demand System
AidSAlles Ist Die Sekte (band; fka Royal TS and Die Sekte)
AIDSAmerican Institute for Decision Sciences
AIDSAircraft Integrated Data System
AIDSAutomatic Installation and Diagnostic Service
AIDSAcquired Iatrogenic Death Syndrome
AIDSAviation Induced Divorce Syndrome :-)
AIDSAirborne Integrated Data System
AIDSAs If Doing Something
AIDSAs I Die Slowly
AIDSApple Infected Disk Syndrome
AIDSAircraft Integrated Data Systems
AIDSArmy Inventory of Data Systems
AIDSAcoustic Intelligence Data System
AIDSAdvanced Integrated Display System
AIDSAirline-Induced Divorce Syndrome (pilot and flight attendant disease; slang)
AIDSAdministrative Information Data System
AIDSAdvanced Integrated Data System
AIDSAutomated Information Data System
AIDSAvionics Integrated Development Schedule
AIDSActivity Information Data System
AIDSAutomated Intelligence Data System
AIDSAbstinence Is Definitely Smart
AIDSAutomatic Integrated Debugging System
AIDSAutomated Information Distribution System
AIDSAir Force Intelligence Data System
AIDSAnalog Inclination Data System
AIDSAcoustic/Attitudinal Information Data
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In March injection-drug users, gay men, and others considered at high risk are urged not to donate blood, the first case of AIDS from a blood transfusion having been documented in December 1982.
America lost the flamboyant pianist Liberace to AIDS in 1987 and gasped in 1991 when NBA idol Magic Johnson announced that he had contracted the human immunodeficiency virus.
government, which last year imposed a condition that countries receiving federal AIDS grants must sign a statement condemning prostitution.
Yes, it would be wonderful if some spectacular act of God or nature would banish AIDS from our existence.
So how do these classical arguments or "rules" on the relationship of the rich and the poor relate to the African AIDS crisis?
The first AIDS hospital in the country opened in Houston and closed just 12 months later.
RAPID RESEARCH: See the March 7, 2005, Upfront Teacher's Edition for a graph showing Africa's AIDS orphans.
The projects focus on home-based care, AIDS education, and orphan support.
AIDS March, October 8-12, 2005 in Washington DC (September 18-October 8, caravans across the U.
AIDS activists often remind us of two things that are worth repeating here.
Finding more coordinated approaches on AIDS or MCA initiatives would not compromise any of the broader goals President Bush has established.