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ADAPAlcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (various organizations)
ADAPAIDS Drug Assistance Program
ADAPAlcohol and Drug Awareness Program
ADAPAgricultural Development in the American Pacific
ADAPAirport Development Aid Program
ADAPAdvanced Digital Antenna Production (GPS user equipment)
ADAPAlcohol Drug Abuse Program
ADAPAssociation pour le Développement Agro-Pastoral (French)
ADAPAlabama Disability Advocacy Program
ADAPArmy Designated Acquisition Program
ADAPAdaptive Digital Access Protocol (IEEE 802.14)
ADAPAmmunition Demand Automated Process (US Army Joint Munitions Command)
ADAPAdditional Appointment
ADAPAdvanced Data Analysis Program
ADAPAgency Disaster Assistance Program
ADAPAirborne Development Aid Program
ADAPAirport Development Aid Fund
ADAPAcoustic Data Acquisition Processor
ADAPAutomatic Data Acquisition/Processor
ADAPAngular Distribution of Annihilating Photons
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About 30 percent of HIV-infected people in the United States receive antiretroviral medications through state AIDS Drug Assistance Programs, which are financed through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.
Under the CARE Act, states and territories receive grants for AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP), which provide HIV/AIDS drugs.
Developed for AIDS patients who do not have adequate health insurance or cannot otherwise afford to pay for their medications, AIDS Drug Assistance Programs, or ADAPs, are authorized under the Ryan White Act, a federal law, but vary greatly from state to state in terms of funding and covered medications and services.
That's precisely what prompted Dozier to devote $6 billion of his budget to Ryan White programs, with $1 billion of that earmarked for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, which provides free antiretrovirals to uninsured and underinsured HIV patients.
The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is the payer of last resort for HIV-related drug costs for persons with limited income.
The extra money would be funneled into the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, which covers the cost of highly effective protease inhibitors - sometimes called AIDS cocktails - for poor, uninsured patients.
Tenders are invited for hiv care grant program - part bstates/territories formula and aids drug assistance program formula and adap supplemental awards.
The program, the Aids Drug Assistance Program, or ADAP, is facing a shortfall this year.
Approximately 6,000 patients in the state AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) are expected to transition into Healthy Way L.
Tenders are invited for Provide pharmacy services that: distribute medications for the aids drug assistance program (ADAP), sexually transmitted disease (STD) program, and the tuberculosis (TB) program to health providers, clinics, and individuals throughout the state.
to ask Congress for an Emergency Supplemental funding for the crumbling AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP).
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