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ATGCAIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland (Ohio; est. 1983)
ATGCAdenine,Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine
ATGCArabidopsis Thaliana Genome Center (University of Pennsylvania)
ATGCAsiantaeth Trwyddedu Hywyr A Cherbydau (Welsh: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, UK)
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The AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland (ATGC) along with other officials and dignitaries directed a opening ceremony and open house to rejoice the launch of the AHF Healthcare Center & AHF Pharmacy in Cleveland on the campus of the Taskforce.
The AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland (ATGC) is a community-aimed nonprofit HIV/AIDS Service Organization (ASO) that provides a comprehensive continuum of non-medical HIV/AIDS services in Cuyahoga and 5 surrounding communities.
But when it comes to gay issues and health concerns such as HIV and AIDS, "the attitude of a lot of the black [churches] is, `We're just teaching what's in the Bible,'" says Tracy Jones, associate executive director of the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland. "That's not really encouraging you to be who you are."
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