AIDS-KSAIDS-Kaposi's Sarcoma
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A total of 42 patients with a median age at AIDS-KS diagnosis of 34 years (range 20-60) were included in the analysis.
Two patients received second-line chemotherapy for progressive AIDS-KS. The remaining 10 patients (n=9 T1S1) did not receive oncological treatment in addition to ART because they either defaulted from care (n=2) or were found to be unfit for oncological therapy (n=8) (group 3).
One of the challenges in treating advanced AIDS-KS is the lack of multidisciplinary input in the accurate diagnosis, staging and treatment selection of patients.
[13] This points to the disproportionately high burden of AIDS-KS in black communities.
This attests to effective local ART initiation policies and stands in contrast to an AIDS-KS cohort from the same geographical area in the pre- and early-ART era where only 47.3% of patients were on ART and the median CD4+ count was reported as 82 cells/[micro]L.
Lymphedematous AIDS-KS may also be associated with exophytic dermal fibroma-like nodules.
Optimal control of HIV infection, using antiretroviral therapy, is a key component in the treatment of AIDS-KS. HAART has greatly decreased the incidence of AIDS-KS.
In some regions of the world, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, AIDS-KS remains the most common HIV-associated malignancy encountered and is therefore the leading cancer diagnosed.
A goal of our study was to determine the HHV-8 genotypes for a series of classic KS or AIDS-KS cases in Peru.
Two AIDS-KS mestizo patients (Figure 1) were thus found to be infected by typical E subtype HHV-8 strains: a 51-year-old man with a tumor on his neck and a 24-yearold man with multiple tumors on the upper limbs.
Indeed, in 2 AIDS-KS patients, an E genotype was characterized in the tumor lesions.
This study included planer, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and neck pinhole (P)-SPECT in selected patients with KS (classic KS, AIDS-KS and transplantation-associated KS).