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Despite the widespread use of AIDSLINE since 1988, there has been no in-depth research on the nature of its usage.
Mr Richard Gawley, company secretary of Aidsline corr West Midlands, said: "In principle I would have no qualms about seeing people prosecuted for deliberately going out and infecting someone.
Unique features of CompuServe include access to the MEDLINE, AIDSLINE, and National Cancer Institute databases.
The development of AIDSLINE from the National Library of Medicine in 1988 provided a bibliographic database that brought together citations from multiple disciplines and databases such as BIOETHICSLINE, POPLINE, CATLINE, AVLINE, and others (DuPont & Dutcher, 1990).
ABI/INFORM Global African-American Poetry AIDSLine American Poetry Database Anthropological Literature Applied Science & Technology Index Art Index ARTFL Arts and Humanities Citation Index Avery Index
* A District of Columbia director of an AIDS advocacy group uses AIDSLINE, an NLM database that is already free to the public.
* Bibliographic health databases, including MEDLINE, AIDSLINE, and DirLINE
PHP delivers major medical databases, such as MEDLINE, AIDSLINE, CancerLIT, and the Drug Information Handbook to the physicians' desktop through the World Wide Web.
In addition, registered users receive free use of the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE, AIDSLINE, AIDSDRUGS, AIDSTRIALS, and DIRLINE databases of professional literature.
In addition to the clinical reference library, physicians will have access to enhanced MDC MEDLINE, as well as AIDSLINE, HEALTH-STAR, and CANCERLIT.
Medscape stretches the definition of "publisher's Web site" by also providing MEDLINE and AIDSLINE. Simply having MEDLINE is of course no great coup, since it is widely available on numerous medical, professional, and consumer online services.