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AIEArts in Education
AIEAssociazione Italiana Editori (Italy)
AIEAgence Internationale de l'Energie (French: International Energy Agency)
AIEAdventures in Education
AIEAustralian Institute of Energy
AIEAssociazione Italiana di Epidemiologia
AIEAssociation of Imaging Executives
AIEApplied Information Economics
AIEAgenzia Internazionale per l'Energia (Italian: International Energy Agency; OCSE)
AIEAnnotated Instructor's Edition
AIEAccredited Independent Entity
AIEAutomatic Image Enhancement
AIEAda Integrated Environment
AIEAmerican Institute of Engineers, Inc.
AIEAsynchronously Interrupted Exception
AIEAcceptance Inspection Equipment
AIEArmy Interoperability Engineering
AIEAutomated Inspection Equipment
AIEAntenna Interface Equipment
AIEAsthma in the Elderly
AIEAid in Execution
AIEAustralian Institute of Entrepreneurship
AIEAuthorized Independent Entity
AIEAntenna Interference Equipment
AIEAntenna Interface Electronics
AIEAperture Integral Equation
AIEAirborne Interceptor Equipment
AIEAuthorized 'in Excess'
AIEacronym intense environment
AIEAutoimmune Encephalopathy
AIEAir India Express (international airline)
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In connection with the completion of the transaction, Hadera Paper has assigned to AIE a gas supply agreement with the Tamar partners relating to the facility and the related gas transport agreement with Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd.
Attivio AIE Business Center - Enterprises want greater control over the online search experience they provide to internal and external users.
Already media speculation in Chisinau claimed that the Democrats were courting as many as five possible defectors among communist MPs to gain the majority needed for a successful presidential election and, possibly, boost their own numbers ahead of coalition talks with other AIE partners.
The evolution from APCI to AIE came as a result of meetings in Stowe, Vt.
Before referral for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the patient with AIE from carbon monoxide poisoning had received "all kinds of therapy at different levels in his community.
Countless local businesses have had grants refused because AIE said they did not match the criteria.
Attivio AIE delivers unrivaled access and insight to information, so customers can integrate, correlate, access and analyze all of their assets, regardless of source or format.
Kozhikode would connect Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Bahrain, Doha, Dammam daily; Salalah twice a week, Kuwait thrice a week and one weekly service to the city of Al Ain, AIE said.
AIE will consist of two entities - Awsaj Academy and Awsaj Teaching and Learning Centre.
Deflecting criticism that the AIE had not done enough to inspire a higher turnout, former Chisinau mayor and leader of Moldova Noastra Alliance, Serafim Urechean, told the same talk show: "It is not parliamentary or presidential elections, so we could not go door-to-door and tell people to go vote.
However, it was cancelled due to "bad weather and operational reasons", according to AIE Bahrain and Jordan area manager Meenakshi Mallik.
Ryanair alleges that the local tourism group AIE has not honoured the commercial agreement it entered into with Ryanair for the promotion of Fuerteventura as a tourist destination.