AIEDRPAcute Infection and Early Disease Research Program
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The AIEDRP units and principal investigators currently include [right arrow] Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (David Ho), [right arrow] Johns Hopkins University (Joseph Margolick), [right arrow] University of Alabama at Birmingham (George Shaw), [right arrow] University of California San Diego (Douglas Richman), [right arrow] University of California San Francisco (Jay Levy), [right arrow] University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (Robert Schooley), and [right arrow] University of Washington (Lawrence Corey).
Two additional AIEDRP units funded through a separate grant mechanism are in Boston (Bruce Walker) and Vancouver (Brian Conway).
At present, the AIEDRP 5-year funding cycle is drawing to a close.
Additional information about AIEDRP can be obtained at the AIEDRP Web site (