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CII Really Took off Under Rajiv Gandhi The first turning point for AIEI came with the 1975 trade fair that we helped organise.
[23] The phrase "being forever" (enotos aiei) is a standard Homeric phrase for the immortal, "everlasting" gods, [24] which should suggest its application applies to something more significant than Heraclitus' report.
At the beginning of his history of the Peloponnesian wars, Thucydides outlines his method and states his purpose, expressing the hope that his work will become a ktema es aiei, an everlasting possession.
Que axiologia politica sua historia projeta enquanto ktema es aiei? Primeiro de tudo, a necessidade da guerra, que se impos como desencadeamento inerente a uma realidade politica de bipolarismo (FLIESS, 1966, p.