AIEMAustralian Institute of Eastern Music
AIEMAssociation Intercommunale des Eaux de la Molignée (French: Molignée Intermunicipal Water Association; Molignée, Belgium)
AIEMAirlines International Electronics Meeting
AIEMAustralian Industry Engineering and Manufacturing Network (Queensland, Australia)
AIEMAutomatyka, Informatyka, Elektryka, Mechanika (Polish: Automation, Computer, Electronics, Engineering)
AIEMAssociate of the Institute of Executives and Managers (UK)
AIEMArtificial Intelligence in Economics and Management
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Then, the ANN was trained using a sample dataset generated form the AIEM. Meanwhile, field SMC data in an agricultural region with wheat as the main crop type were used to evaluate the potential of the GF-3 sensor for retrieving SMC data.
in microwave remote sensing [15], the IEM (integral equation model) and AIEM (advanced integral equation model) proposed by Fung et al.
A variety of theoretical, empirical, and semiempirical SM retrieval models have been developed, including the classical IEM, AIEM, Oh, Dubois, and Shi models [4].
Under the framework of the AIEM model, the three terms are given in Appendix B.
[Q.sub.p] model, developed based on advanced integrated equation model (AIEM) [9], is used to calculate the reflectivity of soil surface [R.sub.p]([theta], [phi]), and its expression is as follows:
We'll be carrying the Beautiful Skin Tea in December, says Aiem Ong of Rustan's Beauty.
Aiem disso, a decomposicao da variancia do preco eficiente, tambem proposta por Hasbrouck (1991a), permite calcular uma medida relativa do conteudo informacional das transacoes, denominada Information Share (IS).
However, the Parliament did not endorse a draft Decision to extend the Canary Islands' special AIEM tax regime, which allows locally-produced goods to be taxed at a lower rate than imports.
Sao exemplos os indices de acoes S&P 500 Equal Weight Index e o FTSE Global Minimum Variance Index, aiem de indices de renda fixa tal como o Dow Jones Equal Weight U.S.