AIEPActa Ichthyologica et Piscatoria (Polish fish journal)
AIEPArmy Ideas for Excellence Program
AIEPAssociação da Imprensa Estrangeira Em Portugal
AIEPAssociation Internationale des Experts Philateliques (French: International Association of Philatelic Experts)
AIEPAssociation Internationale des Études Patristiques (French: International Association of Patristics Studies)
AIEPAmerican Institute for English Proficiency (Philippines)
AIEPArchivo Internazionale di Etnografia e Preistoria (Italian: International Archive of Ethnography and Prehistory)
AIEPAmerican Institute of Executive Protection, Inc.
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Companies Mentioned in this Report: Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria, Dornier Aviation Nigeria AIEP Limited
To meet the ambassadors' goals, AIEP has successfully established extensive lending agreements with museums, institutions, galleries, corporate and private collectors and artists.
Army Communications-Electronics Command level, based on the highly significant, intangible improvement to the value of a product, said Bob Reese (Scranton), the depot's AIEP coordinator.
Universidad Nacional Andres Bello and AIEP Extend Company Presence
For the year ended December 31, 2002, UNAB and AIEP had combined revenues of approximately $44.