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AIESECAssociation Internationale des Étudiants En Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (French: International Association of Students in Economics and Management)
AIESECAssociation for the International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce (various locations)
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AIESEC en una organizacion sin animo de lucro creada para romper las barreras culturales que existian despues de la segunda guerra mundial, actualmente se encuentra presente en mas de 122 paises y territorios.
The collaboration with AIESEC is strictly connected with the Prysmian Groups sustainability strategy based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
AIESEC was the first NGO to organise a three-day youth event in UN Headquarters in New York to define the role of youth in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
It is a forum that brings together young leaders, students, participants of the educational AIESEC programs, business leaders, and experts from different fields of activity.
Cairo University's AIESEC chapter also sent 300 students abroad to over 20 countries to work in similar fields and to raise cultural awareness about Egypt.
Batelco and AIESEC have recently signed a partnership deal to jointly empower talented young people in the local community, said a statement.
Held on Christmas Day at the Festival Park at VR Surat, Balakalakr, an initiative of AIESEC in association with Virtuous Retail, provides underprivileged children from the city's municipal schools, orphanages and slums, with a wonderful opportunity to express themselves through art with an innovative painting workshop.
The Tounes Ta3mal initiative is supported by several stakeholders: The Ta3mal platform has been translated and adapted to the Tunisian context by its principal local partner Edupartage, and promoted in partnership with UTICA (Union Tunisienne de l'Industrie, du Commerce et de l'Artisanat), ATUGE (Association des Tunisiens des Grandes Ecoles), Mercy Corps and AIESEC.
uk The two young entrepreneurs met through a leadership development organisation, AIESEC, and soon after formed a social enterprise while studying at Cardiff Business School.
Pakistan is a beautiful country and we are confident that the project taken forward by Ufone 'Pakistan Tum He To Ho' is one of the best projects which will neutralize the false negative impression of Pakistan globally, said by Haider Raza, one of the members of AIESEC International during a press conference held by AIESEC representatives here in Lahore.
HRH said that the inspiring annual event, which is organized by AIESEC Jordan and held under the patronage of the Princess, encouraged young people to take their rightful place in an equitable and meritocratic future:" You must not see yourselves as mere cogs in a machine, for you are at the very heart of our region's organic growth and we are in no doubt that you have been born to innovate and to thrive.
While studying, I became involved in AIESEC, an international student organisation that promotes exchange between students, which Shell was involved in.