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However, gifted education experts advocate reading instructional practices, such as homogeneous grouping, acceleration, and enrichment, in conjunction with opportunities for discussion, access to challenging literature, and strategies to foster critical, creative, and inquiry reading (Bonds & Bonds, 1983; Cassidy, 1981; Catron & Wingenbach, 1986; Collins & Aiex, 1995; Dooley, 1993; Labuda, 1985; Reis & Renzulli, 1989).
read, write, listen, speak, and make meaning of lives" (Aiex, 1988, p.
Aiex (1988) suggests organizing brainstorming sessions for the development of writing topics around themes associated with popular movies.
These bookmarks are an aid to supporting critical engagement with text, such that the reader learns to see reading as a thinking process (Collins & Aiex, 1995).
Aiex Antoniou, PhD, Director of Educational Programs, National Swimming Pool Foundation, Colorado Springs, CO
Current research has shown that gifted elementary school children who participate in special programs do better academically than their gifted peers receiving no special services (Collins & Aiex, 1995).
Previous general guidelines have suggested using five basic procedures in bibliotherapy (Aiex, N.K., 1993).