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AIF1Allograft Inflammatory Factor 1
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The immunofluorescent detection of F4/80, CD31, CD68, AIF1, and CD206 was performed using a Discovery XT processor (Ventana Medical Systems).
Single nucleotide polymorphism within the AIF1 gene was genotyped using Taqman realtime polymerase chain reaction genotyping assay (Real-Time polymerase chain reaction; Applied Biosystems, USA) per manufacturer's instruction.
Lastly, MHC IV genes are involved in the production of several factors: tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-[alpha]), lymphotoxin alpha (LTA) and lymphotoxin beta (LTB), B144/LST protein expressed in dendritic cells and involved in their morphogenesis, 1C7 expressed in the natural killer (NK) cells and responsible for their activation, the G1 and allograft inflammatory factor 1 (AIF1) which are inflammatory markers, superkiller 12W (SK12W) that confers antiviral activity, B associated transcript (BAT1) encoding a protein with helicase motifs, heat shock proteins (HSP) related to proinflammatory cytokines and protection against cellular inflammation/apoptosis, and MIC A and MIC B genes coding for the MIC A and MIC B proteins which play a role in activation of natural killer cells [44].
As such, AIF1 is ideally suited to examining morphological changes in microglia.