AIFAAgenzia italiana del Farmaco (Rome, Italy)
AIFAAccredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst
AIFAAssociation of Independent Financial Advisers
AIFAAccredited Investment Fiduciary Auditor
AIFAAmerican International Freight Association
AIFAAssociate of the Institute of Field Archaeologists (UK)
AIFAAAFES (Army and Air Force Exchange Service) Imprest Fund Activity (US DoD)
AIFAArab Initiative for the Freedom of Association
AIFAAnti-Intrinsic Factor Antibody
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For pharmaceuticals, the responsible authority is AIFA, while for medical devices the Italian Ministry of Health is the main point of contact.
Its GMP manufacturing facility is approved by both the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA), the national authority responsible for drug regulation in Italy and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The children looked devastated - until one girl, Aifa, went and gave Miylah a hug.
Hanya El Hamamy will face Chan Yiwen from Malaysia in the next round, while Nada Abbas will meet the American Marina Stefanoni, Rowan Al Araby will face her teammate Janna Shiha, Amina Yousri faces the Hong Kong champion Lui Hiu Lam and Zaina Makkawi to the Malaysian Aifa Azman.
Aifa, "Neural network applications to reservoirs: physics-based models and data models," Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, vol.
Cristina Bucci and Fabiana Zingone have been supported by a Regione Campania-AIFA grant (AIFA 2008/2009, DR 25 del 07/04/2011 Giunta Regionale della Campania).
Giordano, "Revaluation of the clinical and metabolic behavior of children with isolated growth hormone deficiency during GH treatment according to newly proposed note 39 of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA)," Journal of Endocrinological Investigation, vol.
The medication cost used in the base model was derived from the authorization report of the Italian regulatory authority (AIFA) with prices of 91.00 [euro] and 4.36 [euro] for ferric carboxymaltose (500 mg) and ferric gluconate (312.5 mg), respectively.
"The drug has to deliver what you say or we don't pay," says Luca Pani, director general of the Italian Medicines Agency, known as AIFA, which set the price and terms during negotiations with GlaxoSmithKline, the company commercializing Strimvelis.
He was an Associate of the Institute of Financial Accountants (AIFA) from 2007-08 but does not appear on their current database.
The under 15 gold medal went to Malaysian squash player Aifa Azman.
Similar study was observed by Aifa Aiman et al., (7) & others.