AIFEAgence pour l'Informatique Financière de l'État (French: Agency for State Financial Information)
AIFEAmerican Institute of Fitness (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
AIFEAmerican Institute of Fitness Educators (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
AIFEAustech Institute for Further Education (Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia)
AIFEAmerican Institute for Full Employment (Klamath Falls, OR)
AIFEAmerican Institute of Forensic Education (Palm Springs, CA)
AIFEAssociazione Italiana Formazione Emergenza (Italian: Italian Association of Emergency Training)
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In 1892, Yeats may not have been aware of the detail of these other stories and while he did later revise the poem from the original version, called The Death of Cuchulain, to conclude with Cuchulain still alive and fighting ("Cuchulain" 105, 111), he could not have revised it to the extent needed to keep it more accurate to Aided Oenfir Aife without destroying the poem.
In Yeats's poem, in Curtin's folklore, and in Lady Gregory's version, the story focuses on the grief of Cuchulain, but in the medieval Aided Oenfir Aife, the demise of Connla is the dominant factor.
AIFE has generated substantial profits in recent years primarily through effective underwriting, leading to solid surplus growth through retained earnings.
Nevertheless, AIFE has demonstrated expertise in underwriting its exposures with overall solid underwriting and operating results.
And real-world consequences flow out of the Ireland that exists in the American imaginary: families still spend their hard-earned vacation time and money on holidays in Ireland; at least some voters and some politicians have kept the Ulster conflict an issue; kindergartens have filled up with children bearing unspellable Irish names, a la Aife, Siobhan, and Naoise.
I'm going to leave two carrots for Rudolph, some milk for Father Christmas and some milk for baby Jesus," says Aife Preston, 5, who plays the other snowflake.
Pictures by TRACEYO'NEIL' CHRISTMAS CUTIES: Joseph - Safa Hussain - and Mary - Hannah Islam' STAR ROLES: Whoopsa-daisy angel Marnie Bannister and Snow flakes Aife Preston (left) and CharlotteWilson
Contract notice: Provide the AIFE a management tool of its projects and activities.
Le prsent march porte sur l~hbergement, le support et la maintenance du portail collaboratif diapason et de l~intranet AIFE.
In the context of the dematerialisation of the memories of Justice AIFE wishes to enrich the Chorus Pro Portal portal, which is available on the internet providers, a virtual assistant solution.