AIFLDAmerican Institute for Free Labor Development
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That month, the Salvadoran government gave AIFLD and the U.
embassy and AIFLD officials were determined to prevent the opposition labor coalition from capitalizing on the unpopularity of the austerity measures.
AIFLD was in fact out front seeking to ameliorate rank injustices, encourage campesino political participation and further noncommunist left movements in El Salvador.
All of us associated with AIFLD have been impressed with its dedication and success in combating Communist infiltration of the Latin American labor movement," J.
By 1997, he had disbanded labor's semi-autonomous regional "institutes"--AAFLI, AALC, AIFLD, and the Free Trade Union Institute (FTUI) operating in Europe--and replaced them with a centralized organization, headed by a long-time progressive, with an encouraging name: American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS), better known today as the "Solidarity Center.
and AIFLD-backed coup in Chile of September 11, 1973, and to celebrate the formal passage of a resolution by the Labor Council in 1974 (over the opposition of then AIFLD head, William Doherty), based on Hirsch's work, which exposed and condemned AIFLD activities in Chile.
Under the plan, Friedman wrote, AIFLD would invite "influential leaders" from selected unions to Washington to show them "that they have been misled in the formation of their concept of the United States.
AIFLD utterly failed to make inroads into the CUT or win friends among unions striking against state-owned companies, even the copper workers, who took AIFLD by surprise when they went on strike in 1973, despite leadership by Communists supportive of the Allende government.
While AIFLD explored the potential for cooperation with British Guianese labor unions, the State Department began making overtures to Jagan's main rival, Forbes Burnham, to see whether he would be willing to lead a U.
AIFLD claims that it is an independent labor organizationcreated to promote the growth of democratic trade unions in Latin America.
Following a pattern that is typical of AIFLD tactics in Latin America, in November 1986 the organization lured U.
It also created an ideal opening for AIFLD organizers to spread their message of counter-revolution throughout the countryside.