AIFMAlternative Investment Fund Manager
AIFMAssociazione Italiana di Fisica Medica
AIFMASEAN Institute of Forest Management
AIFMAssociation Internationale Forêts Méditerranéennes (French: International Association for Mediterranean Forests)
AIFMAssociazione Italiana Finiture Metalli (Italian: Italian Finishing Metals Association)
AIFMAromatase Inhibitor for Men
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Trevian Funds AIFM Oy has also strengthened its team by recruiting Jussipekka Aumo as Sales Director.
In December 2012, the Commission adopted a delegated regulation (delegated act), which complements the AIFM directive on a number of points: conditions and procedure for determination of an alternative fund manager, operating conditions for AIFMs (eg rules on remuneration, conflicts of interest, liquidity management and investment in securitisation positions), conditions for delegation of management; rules on depositaries, reporting requirements and leverage calculation; and rules on cooperation arrangements with non-EU countries.
The Draft AIFM Directive and the Future of European Alternative Investment Fund Regulation.
The AIFM Directive a) A Controversial Drafting Process b) The Final Version c) Imp act Assessment 2.
Asimismo, los recursos minerales que se encuentran debajo de la alta mar, es decir en la zona, han sido declarados por la Convencion como patrimonio comun de la humanidad y en consecuencia su administracion ha sido atribuida a la AIFM.
The AIFM will not apply to entities such as governments managing funds
The company is an alternative investment fund (AIF) for the purposes of the AIFM directive and as such is required to have an investment manager that is duly authorised to undertake the role of an alternative investment fund manager.
For several years there has been a common legal framework for alternative investment funds in the EU (the AIFM Directive), which allows funds in one EEA country to be marketed in other EEA countries.
Article 21 of AIFMD requires that an AIFM must ensure a single depositary is appointed for each alternative investment fund it manages.
He proposed a compromise consisting of placing the disputed article in a recital, including a clause already accepted in the AIFM (alternative investment fund managers) directive, adding a statement in which the Commission commits to establish harmonised standards for the identification of tax havens and adding a review clause.
adopted its position on the draft EU law regulating AIFM, including hedge