AIFOAssociazione Italiana Frantoiani Oleari (Italian: Italian Association of Oil Pressers; est. 1996; Italy)
AIFOAustralian Imperial Force Order
AIFOAtomic International Follow On
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Head of Scientific Department, AIFO, Bologna, Italy
Correspondence to: Sunil Deepak, Head of Medical & Scientific Department, AIFO, Italy (e-mail: sunil.
NGOs like the German Leprosy Relief Association, the Damien Foundation and AIFO have significantly contributed both directly/indirectly towards leprosy elimination in the region.
Sunil Deepak, of AIFO, noted the difficulties in bringing the two issues of fundraising and human rights together.
Jayanth Kumar, AIFO India; Linda Lehman, ALM; Mark MacDonald, TLM East Asia/Pacific; Thomas Mathew, ALM India; Dr.