AIFPAssociazione Italiana Febbri Periodiche (Italian: Italian Periodic Fever Association)
AIFPAssociate of the Institute of Financial Planning (degree)
AIFPAmerican International Forest Products (Beaverton, OR)
AIFPAmerican Indian Families Project (Hennepin, MN)
AIFPAcute Idiopathic Facial Palsy (aka Bell's Palsy)
AIFPAnalysten für Investments und Finanzplanung eV
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AIFP, HOST-FAX and InterLink are trademarks of AIFP, Inc.
Jim DeFrancesco, President of CMSI, said, "Our association with AIFP and their HOST-FAX server expands our product offering for the large indirect lender.
But with HOST-FAX for 400, AIFP has come up with the first easy-to-use production- level fax solution, providing robust support for sending and managing up to tens of thousands of mission-critical faxes per day.
AIFP will develop this cooperative set of solutions utilizing the Open Integration Technology built into Oracle Cooperative Applications.
From its headquarters in Beaverton, AIFP has been developing innovative fax and data communications solutions since 1990.
9 Patent Expiries for Leading Monoclonal Antibodies and AIFPs, 2011-2021
Choy (1998) compared New South Wales correctional officers screened for selection with the AIFP battery with an unscreened group.
We are pleased to welcome TPG as a sponsor of the AIFP which provides opportunities for motivated young professionals of color in finance to deepen their knowledge of careers with firms such as TPG," said William Goodloe, President.
s customers include: AIFP, Biscom, Fenestrae, Hewlett Packard, Omtool, Open Port, TopCall, Xpedite, and many other companies in both the fax and imaging industries.
AIFP, Alcom Corporation, Ansel Communications, Applied Voice Technology (AVT), ArelNet, Ltd.
This agreement represents a major step in the development of the Industrial park at the port facility owned by an AIFP subsidiary, which has total assets valued at more than $68 million including a fleet of six 128 ft.