AIFPAssociazione Italiana Febbri Periodiche (Italian: Italian Periodic Fever Association)
AIFPAssociate of the Institute of Financial Planning (degree)
AIFPAmerican International Forest Products (Beaverton, OR)
AIFPAmerican Indian Families Project (Hennepin, MN)
AIFPAcute Idiopathic Facial Palsy (aka Bell's Palsy)
AIFPAnalysten für Investments und Finanzplanung eV
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e](%) DC 316,6 ** 85,9 66,3 4,94 4,04 AIFP 3117,6 ** 358,4 93,1 7,19 9,97 ALTP 2499,4 ** 303,0 170,2 3,61 4,86 NFT 176,1 ** 22,6 6,0 27,85 36,27 [NFT.
complicaciones postquirurgicas, evaluacion postquirurgica Puntuacion sintomatica (movilidad AIFP, dolor metatarsal, test de Kellikian, exploracion radiologica).
Choy (1998) compared New South Wales correctional officers screened for selection with the AIFP battery with an unscreened group.
Byrne, Guller and Guller's (2002) summary of findings of AIFP profiling in the corrections context reinforced the utility of the process and its financial benefits.
Unos 5 mil 200 espectadores, asistieron al choque entre las 28 figuras del futbol que quisieron oficializar con un partido amistoso la creacion de la AIFP, el sindicato mundial de los futbolistas.
We are pleased to welcome TPG as a sponsor of the AIFP which provides opportunities for motivated young professionals of color in finance to deepen their knowledge of careers with firms such as TPG," said William Goodloe, President.
Jim Coulter, founding partner at TPG, said, "SEO has a track record of placing the highest caliber minority undergraduate students on Wall Street, and now, through the new AIFP, they are bringing together private equity firms, limited partners and top young investment banking analysts to further diversity in the private equity and alternative investment industry.
AIFP is an international food distributor which produces and trades different food products, including Fish, Poultry, and Dairy, in Mexico, USA, and the Middle East.
The alliance between MCI and AIFP gives corporate clients a powerful tool for unifying multiple messaging capabilities, both inbound and outbound, into a single customer-premise solution which takes advantage of the global reach of MCI's messaging services," said Max Anhoury, Vice President Sales and Marketing of AIFP.
The MCI and AIFP solution extends customer's control over their messages by supporting an automated, end-to-end reconciliation process.
Jim DeFrancesco, President of CMSI, said, "Our association with AIFP and their HOST-FAX server expands our product offering for the large indirect lender.
LIVONIA, MI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 25, 1995-- MPACT Immedia and AIFP (American International Facsimile Products), Inc.