AIFRAll Injury Frequency Rate (statistics)
AIFRAmerican Institute for Financial Research, Inc.
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Undeterred This " misuse" of official accommodation, however, has not stopped AIFR officials from seeking more allotments.
As displayed in Figure 7, the unmodified binder was of higher AIRF which led the binder to being more susceptible to aging, while modified bitumen shows lower AIFR as crumb rubber increased in the specimen, leading to better aging resistance of modified binder.
El V Congreso anual de la Asociacion Italiana de Filosofia de la Religion (AIFR), celebrado en Turin del 5 al 6 de mayo de 2006, abordo esta tematica desde sede filosofica, tratando de dar respuesta a los interrogantes que plantea la existencia de diversos credos que parten de cosmovisiones muy variadas.
Most recently, he was General Manager at Goldcorp's Cerro Negro Mine in Argentina, overseeing 3,000 tonnes per day of high-grade production and implementing programs to reduce costs, grow production and development, and leading strong safety improvement to achieve an AIFR of 0.28 in 2017.