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AIFVArmoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle
AIFVArmored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
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Caption: Nexter plans to add numerous versions of its VBCI to the current AIFV and command post versions: from left to right these scaled models of the recovery, AIFV with Eastern Europe ordnance, and the mortar carrier versions.
this will be based on a standard Freccia AIFV, but instead of the eight dismounts it will host in the back a command element of three men.
Since August 2010 an infantry company equipped with 17 Freccia AIFVs is operating in Afghanistan, and following some teething problems the availability has reached what the Italian Army defines as [much less than]an optimum level[much greater than].
In terms of size, the 'IV stands between the Asian AIFV and the VBCI, but oddly enough Mowag provides more conservative figures than STK regarding performance -- a matter of experience perhaps.
Recently re-shaped, CMI has an assured role in the Turkish AIFV programme via the BMF business which it acquired last year.
The latter can be fitted with the turret adopted on the BMP-3 tracked AIFV.