AIGCAmerican Indian Graduate Center
AIGCAssociazione Italiana Giovani Comunicatori (Italian: Italian Association of Young Communicators; est. 2002; Italy)
AIGCAustralian Indigenous Geographic Classification (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
AIGCArcata Interfaith Gospel Choir (Arcata, California)
AIGCArtificial Intelligence in Grid Computing (Workshop)
AIGCAlliance Informatique Gestion Conseil (French: Computer Alliance Management Board)
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Because the response from autopilot lags behind the guidance command in the case of G&C, therefore, from the simulation results of pitch channel we can see that our proposed AIGC system can overcome the shortage of time-lag in G&C system, and it performs better than the simple IGC system.
On the other hand, both the roll angle and roll rate finally converge to 0 at the attack moment in the case of IGC and AIGC.
These results are all in accordance with the regulation that we design for the key parameters of AIGC system.
In Table 4, compared with G&C and IGC, AIGC system can lead UCAV to the optimum attack position more stably and drive it to meet the gesture constraints more accurately.
In the case of AIGC, the trajectory of autonomous attack occupation in three-dimensional space is shown in Figure 25.
Based in Dallas, Texas, AIGC Games was formed by app veterans who have collectively developed app since 2009 for their clients.
AIGC services are offered globally through its extensive network of consultants in over 33 countries.
AIGC provides commercial and industrial insurance services that uncover liability exposure and reduce risks.
com's e-Learning solutions, AIGC now has the ability to provide our customers with highly customized risk abatement training in a more efficient and cost-effective manner than before," said John Carey, President of AIGC.
com solution can place hundreds of learning opportunities at the fingertips of AIGC customers worldwide.
CompCompare will allow AIGCS claims managers to generate benchmarking information comparing workers' compensation claim costs against Risk Data's extensive industry database collected from more than 35 insurance companies and third-party administrators throughout the United States.