AIGIAssistant Inspector General for Investigations (US government)
AIGIChangsha Active Ingredients Group, Inc. (tea exports; China)
AIGIAdair International Oil and Gas, Inc.
AIGIAssociation Internationale de Géologie de l'Ingénieur (French: International Association of Engineering Geology; est. 1964)
AIGIAustralian Internet Growth Index
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AIGI has recently learned that neither Boyce nor his company did in fact own any of such data.
AIGI previously filed another lawsuit against Boyce for defamation, tortious interference, conversion of AIGI assets and breach of fiduciary duty.
Boyce shouldn't be elected to the board of directors of AIGI because he is a defendant in this case and the pending case filed by AIGI in connection with the Block 20 project.
AIGI brought Occidental into the deal based on the agreement that AIGI, through its subsidiaries Adair and Adair Yemen, would operate the concession during the exploratory phase and Occidental would operate if and when any commercial discoveries were made.
We are extremely bullish regarding the long-term investment returns for AIGI shareholders," said Stockreporter's Torsten Prochnow.
The company is presently in the due diligence phase for a financing package that will allow AIGI to proceed with planned acquisitions.
2 million AIGI shares outstanding, Stockreporter revises its year 2000 share price target to $3.
AIGI trades and structures physical and derivative transactions in the foreign exchange and commodity markets.