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AIGOAustralian International Gravitational Observatory
AIGOAssociazione Italiana Gestori Ostelli (Italian: Italian Association of Hostel Asset Managers; Rome, Italy)
AIGOApplied Image Group/Optics (plastic optical components supplier; Rochester, NY)
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The GDC and the AIGO research facility make it possible to offer a range of different types of science enrichment that can be selected to suit the students and content needed.
Siano Mobile Silicon, a mobile TV chip maker, announced on Wednesday (14 January) that its CMMB receiver chip, the SMS1180, has been selected to power CMMB mobile TV for Chinese phone makers ZTE, Tianyu and CEC Telecom, as well as MP3/4 maker AIGO.
Del griego antiguo por via del latin cientifico, la dominguera egfigopila se desmenuza en aigos (cabra) + agros (campo) --cabra salvaje--y pilos (lana, fieltro--en latin pilus, pelo).
In contrast, following AIGOs financial collapse, its subsidiary International Lease Finance Corporation has struggled with an aging fleet, heavy debt load, and loss of talent, and has failed to complete a planned IPO.
pieces of horn (of the wild goat, euxoon aigos agriou)" (2000,