AIGTAutomotive Innovation and Growth Team (UK; industry support)
AIGTAll in Good Time
AIGTAmerican International Group Technologies (insurance)
AIGTAssociation of Independent Gas Transporters (UK)
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With AIGT handling Stanley's back-office operations, Stanley is not only positioned to better manage cost, but it is also freed to focus on strategic IT initiatives that improve its core competencies and allow the company to better serve its vast customer base.
AIGT will facilitate the trading and delivery of telecommunications network capacity by providing access to a worldwide series of nodes to interconnect the various telecommunications networks.
ProfitLine is excited to extend its insurance and financial services industry leadership by welcoming AIGT into our portfolio of clients," said Stephen T.
Sir Ian said that when the AIGT was established there had been a Government and automotive industry not at each other's throats but a considerable distance from each other.
The Unisys services are intended to enable AIGT to realize key benefits of secure business operations: improved efficiency, better support for employees serving clients in the field, enhanced customer satisfaction and greater competitive agility.
AIGT is clearly a world-class organization and we appreciate the confidence the company is placing in us and our clearly demonstrated performance.
Furthermore, Mark's strategic planning and execution experience within the AIG Companies community is a valuable asset that AIGT will leverage for the benefit of its internal and external clients.
AIGT works with its customers to develop a business case to evaluate the financial impact and return on investment of consolidation.
AIGT will provide utility-based, complete OS/390 mainframe processing services, complementary network support and co-location server hosting for Lehman Brothers.
MassXpress was created by AIGT to help alleviate these issues; the technology serves as a cost-effective tool that enables existing and new automobile insurance carriers in the state to work more effectively.
ALIR helps insurers avoid state penalties and fines for non-compliance," said Paul Madarasz, President, AIGT.