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AIHAAmerican Industrial Hygiene Association
AIHAAutoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (now Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia)
AIHAAmerican International Health Alliance
AIHAAmerican Italian Historical Association
AIHAAlbany Institute of History and Art (New York)
AIHAAmerican Italian Heritage Association (Albany, NY)
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The diagnosis of cold-antibody AIHA is made with the presence of hemolytic anemia, reticulocytosis, hyperbilirubinemia, increased LDH level, and classically, a negative Coombs test with anti-IgG and a positive Coombs test with anti-C3 (7).
The presence of an IHA with a DAT result that is negative for IgG and positive for C3 should prompt the consideration for a cold AIHA.
Warm auto-antibodies are responsible for up to 70% of AIHA cases.
Binet A had 1 case of AIHA, all other cases of immune complications were in C stage.
17) However, on literature search, ours is the first case where rituximab was used to treat AIHA associated with pSS with positive results.
Your suggestion of an article on AIHA is a good one.
Concurrent AIHA cannot be excluded, especially in view of the positive IgG result in the direct antiglobulin test, and may have contributed to the severity of the patient's hemolytic anemia.
It is not possible however, to decide whether AIHA was due to CVID complication, Intragam infusion, or underlying infection.
Functioning as story and history, "What Makes Oral History Different" (Alessandro Ponelli's lead essay, which served as the keynote address of the thirty-eighth AIHA conference) examines the wealth of information revealed during the interview process in discussing the massacre at the Fosse Ardeatine in Rome when occupied by Nazis in 1944.
You are a California resident and member of either ASSE or AIHA.
According to AIHA, the standard would apply to dust control systems with combustible solids that are a fire, deflagration, explosion or detonation hazard, including wood dust.