AIHDAcquired Immune Hemolytic Disease
AIHDASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Institute for Health Development (est. 1982; Mahidol University; Thailand)
AIHDAcute Ischemic Heart Disease (aka Coronary Artery Disease)
AIHDArtificial Insemination by Husband
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Details of the selection of the patients suffering from AIHD have also been reported before [6].
Dermcidin used in the study was prepared from the plasma of AIHD patients by sequential polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis first in the presence and then in the absence of sodium dodecyl sulphate to retain its biological activity as described before [6].
As the aggregation of platelets is a crucially important event in the development of AIHD due to the formation of thrombus at the site of atherosclerotic plaque rupture on the coronary artery [13], the contribution of dermcidin in the development of diabetes mellitus and hypertension should be taken into consideration in the context of the results described above.
The results presented above taken together suggest the effects of the stress protein in the pathogenesis of various diseases including hypertension, hyperglycemia, and coronary artery disease, all of which are known to be involved in the development of AIHD which in turn could be controlled by insulin or aspirin through the synthesis of NO [6,14].
As insulin was found to inhibit synthesis of dermcidin, which is reported to induce platelet aggregation, the use of insulin might also prevent AIHD in T1DM through the inhibition of dermcidin synthesis.
When [R.sub.t] is less than [R.sub.max] ([R.sub.max] > [R.sub.t]), to reduce the rate oscillation, we require [] (AIHD) > [] (AIMD), or [R.sub.max]/4 > [beta]/2 x ([R.sub.max] - [R.sub.t]) where 1 < 2[beta]/(2[beta]-1).
In addition to partnering with AIHD, Lamar has also been working with the U.S.
Holshouser of AIHD said it's equally important to understand the mindset of another group: government officials.
A retrospective review of all AIHD admissions to the FP service between January 1984 and September 1985 demonstrated very high CCU utilization.[9] In November of 1987, the lead author presented his findings along with a description of the HDPI at a departmental conference.
The medical records of all FP patients aged 35 and older admitted to the hospital during this period were examined, and those admitted for suspected AIHD were collected.
In evaluating suspected AIHD patients, we have found that often physicians pay much attention to "pseudodiagnostic" cues,[27] which impairs their diagnostic accuracy.