AIHRCAfghan Independent Human Rights Commission
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According to the AIHRC, during the reporting period an Ismaili woman willingly married a follower of Hanafi Islam in a small village in Badakhshan province.
To prevent atrocities against detainees, the Canadian government has pointed to the monitoring efforts of both the International Red Cross and the AIHRC.
The AIHRC reported the two students were reinstated at the university and all charges against them suspended.
Spokesman for provincial police chief Hazrat Omar Mashriqiwal in a statement said that the blast occurred while the employees of AIHRC were on their way to their office in Jalalabad city.
AIHRC uses these funds, along with other donors funding, to achieve its mandate.
The centre will be used by AIHRC and locals to protect the fundamental rights of people especially, women's.
President Karzai appointed Hotak, along with four other new commissioners, to the AIHRC in June 2013.
NGOs reported and the AIHRC confirmed that on September 7, 2004, a large mob attacked several offices and vehicles of NGOs, including the Agha Khan Development Network, in Faizabad in Badakhshan Province.
Towards that end, the AIHRC lobbies and works with the Afghan government.
Provincial AIHRC officials said that gunmen and militants had used children as military force to fight their enemies a move that would put the future of children in jeopardy.
Since its inception, the AIHRC has reported on pressing challenges including issues of civilian casualties, the realisation of economic and social rights and the status of women.
The Paris Principles relating to the Status of National Institutions, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993, set out standards for appointments to national human rights institutions such as the AIHRC.