AIHSAustralian International Hotel School
AIHSAmerican Irish Historical Society (New York, NY)
AIHSAcademy for International Health Studies
AIHSAmerican Institute of Health Sciences (Long Beach, CA)
AIHSAlexis I Dupont High School (Greenville, Delaware)
AIHSAuto-Immune Hepatitis Support (website)
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AIHS is located at 991 Fifth Avenue, NYC 10028; for more information, contact Chris Cahill at info@aihs.
AOL, in its petition to have the AIHS conditions dropped filed with the FCC in April, cited comScore Networks metrics and said its market share had dropped from 100% in 1999 to 61.
Founded in 1897, the AIHS is an international center of scholarship, education and cultural enrichment dedicated to promoting the significant, on-going contributions to the United States of America made by Irish immigrants and their descendants.
While the goal of the combined AIHS Virtual Cockpit program is to create a common HMD platform that can be used in a variety of existing and proposed rotorcraft, this development project will also significantly advance our ability to create high-performance products for fixed wing aircraft and armored vehicles, as well as command and control functions.
AIHS ve AIHM kararlarinin ulusal mevzuattaki etkisi ve yansimasi uzerine farkli yaklasimlar ve uye ulkelerde farkli uygulamalar olmakla beraber" Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Anayasasi 90.
Melanie Rock, MSW, PhD (Anthropology), Associate Professor & AIHS Population Health Investigator; Department of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine; Department of Ecosystem and Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Work; Scientific Co-Director, Population Health & Inequities Research Centre, Institute for Public Health, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
Nathalie Jette holds a New Investigator Award from AIHS and a Canada Research Chair Tier 2 in