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AIIAngiotensin II
AIIAnalogical and Inductive Inference
AIIAgence de l'Innovation Industrielle (French Agency for Industrial Innovation)
AIIAuto ID Infrastructure
AIIAutomatique et Informatique Industrielle (French: Automation and Industrial Computing)
AIIAmerican Institute of Inspectors (Lower Lake, CA)
AIIASEAN Information Infrastructure
AIIActive Input Interface (used in UNI PMD specs for Copper/Fiber)
AIIAustralian Industry Involvement
AIIAtelier d'Image et d'Informatique (Computer graphics school, Paris, France)
AIIArea of Intelligence Interest
AIIAcceptance Inspection Instruction
AIIArmy Information Infrastructure
AIIArmy Intelligence Interpreter
AIIAlloys International, Inc. (Islandia, NY)
AIIAutomated Item Identification
AIIAsset Inclusion Indicator
AIIAutomation Image, Inc.
AIIAction-Inferring Interface
AIIAssured Information Infrastructure
AIIAdvanced Interactive Interfaces
AIIAirports Authority of India
AIIAmerican International Industries (Los Angeles, CA)
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Treatment of EL4 T cells with more than 5 [micro]g/mL AII fraction had no effect on IL-4 production (data not shown).
Figure 2 Differences in the Percent of Elderly Medicare+Choice (M+C) with IHD and CHF Who Report Three or More Chronic Conditions Compared to All M+C Enrollees: 1998 All Male Female AII 47 45 48 IHD 86 82 90 CHF 92 92 93 NOTE: IHD is ischemic heart disease; CHF is congestive heart failure.
The AII initiative was proposed by Goh at the ASEAN summit in Hanoi in December last year.
The AII corporate IS mandate for common systems just reinforced the image of the corporate IS group as being out of touch with the business.
Sydney Capital Partners and Right Wall Capital served as advisors to Aii and Van Eck Associates Corporation, respectively.
Aside from advancing transportation policy, AII will also promote infrastructure best-practices in order to achieve higher industry standards in the areas of safety, technology, and streamlined performance.
Pamela Szabo, Chief Technology Officer at Stone Bond adds that, "The elegant layered architecture of Aii makes it equally compelling for all levels of users to leverage Enterprise Enabler's live connectivity at design time and be certain that even very complex integration will work flawlessly when they click to deploy their integration.
In the article, AII said that Mr Irwin was one of the engineers who inspected the Helios aircraft before it crashed on 14 August 2005 killing all 115 passengers and six crew members.
Using the CoLOS Exchange interface, SAP AII customers now have access to easier production line RFID tagging.
Tenders are invited for Aii Div:- Improvement Of Lighting Arrangement At Zrti Udaipur.
Representatives of the staff said that employees of the AII all over the country will take part in the action that will affect 124 airports.
In addition, AII plans to provide a new air conditioning system for the departure terminal in the domestic section and to introduce a multi-level car parking system, reported the Deccan Herald.