AIIDEArtificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment
AIIDEApplications of Information Integration in Digital Ecosystems (International Workshop)
AIIDEAnthelmintic Imidazoles Induced Delayed Encephalopathy
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The second Experimental AI in Games (EXAG) workshop brought together both the 2014 Experimental AI in Games and the 2013 AI and Game Aesthetics workshops at AIIDE under a unified banner, with the aim of fostering innovation in how AI is used in and for games.
After successfully colocating with the Electronic Literature Organization Conference last year, 2015 marks the return of the Intelligent Narrative Technologies workshop to the AIIDE conference.
com site hosts the discussed AIIDE StarCraft AI competition results, software, and game videos.
The latter group consisted of members of the AIIDE community.
In addition to the presenters, the participants included quite a few people from the main AIIDE conference attendees and local students who were interested in the workshop topic.
26) In order to create a consistent benchmark of bot strength, a suite of tests could be formed from the top three bots from each of the AIIDE StarCraft competitions on a selected set of tournament maps.
Artificial Intelligence in Adversarial Real-Time Games: Papers from the 2012 AIIDE Workshop, AAAI Technical Report WS-12-15.
This year AIIDE hosted four invited speakers representing veterans of the computer game industry and prominent academic game researchers.
Mark Riedl (Georgia Tech) received the best program committee member award for his exemplary work in reviewing AIIDE submissions.
The conference concluded with the second AIIDE Doctoral Consortium (DC), which was free for all attendees.
An important aspect of the AIIDE mission is educating doctoral students, and the DC was very successful, thanks to the efforts of the DC chairs and the enthusiasm of the participants.
Planning for AIIDE 2014 has commenced under the guidance of Ian Horswill (conference chair), Arnav Jhala (program chair), and Kevin Dill (industry relations).