AIIEAmerican Institute of Industrial Engineers
AIIEApple IIE (Apple computer)
AIIEAqaba International Industrial Estate (Jordan)
AIIEAssociazione Italiana Informatica Etica (Italian: Italian Association of Computer Ethics)
AIIEAnales del Instituto de Investigaciónes Esteticas (Spanish: Annals of the Institute of Aesthetic Research)
AIIEAcupuncture International Import & Export (France)
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The development plan consists of an integrated upgrade in air, sea, rail and road infrastructure, several new hotels, the Tala Bay marina complex, the Aqaba Gateway (a new entertainment and commercial centre located near the Royal Yacht Club), an upgrade of the Royal Diving Centre, two new convention centres, the Lagoon residential complex and the Aqaba International Industrial Estate (AIIE), to name but a few.
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