AIIIAeration Industries International, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)
AIIIAutologic Information International, Inc.
AIIIAssociation of Indian Individual Investors
AIIIAssociation of International Industrial Irradiation (International Organization for Standardization; Geneva, Switzerland)
AIIIAsian Internet Interconnection Initiatives (research)
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Timosaponin AIII, a saponin isolated from Ane-marrhena asphodeloides, ameliorates learning and memory deficits in mice.
Antennae: AI red, sometimes areas between beads yellow, with brushlike setae dark brown to black; AII with small basal light red band, remainder of cylindrical region yellow, with swollen apex red; AIII and AIV yellow, sometimes with apices infused with red.
Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae, AIII, Geologica-Geographica, 148, 25-35.
Second, the distortion due to different individual perceptions or to different cultural levels is mediated among different [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE AIII OMITTED] respondents and therefore its influence is reduced at plant level.
Former Autologic president Dennis Doolittle serves as vice chairman and chief operating officer of AIII, where he is responsible for finance, engineering, manufacturing, field service and the Digiflex subsidiary.
Request of Proposal for Consultancy Services for Proof checking of designs, Project Management, Construction Supervision and Quality Control for the work of Construction of Bridges Widely Spread at Different Locations on State Highways/Major District Roads/Village Roads/Other Roads in the state of Karnataka formed Under Four Packages - Package AIII (HAVERI, GADAG, CHITRADURGA, DAVANAGERE, SHIVAMOGGA AND CHIKKAMAGALUR DISTRICTS)
Abbreviations for morphometric characters are: BL = body length; HL = head length; HW = head width; IOD = interocular distance; AI = first antennal segment length; AII= second antennal segment length; AIII = third antennal segment length; PL = pronotal length; PW = width of posterior margin of pronotum; and, LL = labial length.
Appendix Tables AI, AII and AIII indicate that the lowest income group pays the highest proportion of fees in provincial hospitals, because they are mostly self-financed, while the highest income group who are government officials and those engaged in commerce, tend to pay a smaller percentage of fees.
The results of regressions estimated for different age groups by gender assuming probit functional form are presented in the Appendix (Tables AIII and AIV)[20].
00 Cr) widely spread at different locations on state Highways / Major District Roads/ Village Roads / Other Roads in the State of Karnataka on Turnkey Basis based on Tenderers own design - Package- AIII
As previously announced, each stockholder of triple-I is to receive one share of AIII for each triple-I share owned.