AIIIAeration Industries International, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)
AIIIAutologic Information International, Inc.
AIIIAssociation of Indian Individual Investors
AIIIAssociation of International Industrial Irradiation (International Organization for Standardization; Geneva, Switzerland)
AIIIAsian Internet Interconnection Initiatives (research)
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Los dientes #118 y #192 presentan las caracteristicas de los terceros superiores (AIII).
At 4.7 mm ML, arm formula: IV > II > I > III; AIII with one sucker; AI, AII, and AIV with three suckers each; aboral chromatophores on AI-III not observed; each AIV with one chromatophore near base (Fig.
[N.sub.2]O emission in treatment AI was 49.67% higher than in BI, AII was 54.78% higher than BII, AIII was 119.81% higher than BIII, and AIV was 42.33% higher than that of BIV.
AI (x, [y.sub.4]) = AII (x, [y.sub.4]) + AIII (x, [y.sub.4]) (A1)
Timosaponin AIII, a saponin isolated from Ane-marrhena asphodeloides, ameliorates learning and memory deficits in mice.
Measurements of continuous characters are maximal lengths, with the following attributes recorded and abbreviations used: AI, II, AIII and AIV = first, second, third and fourth antennal segments; Cun = cuneus; CunClyp =distance between apex of cuneus to apex of clypeus; InterOc = interocular distance; Pron = Pronotum; and, Scut = scutellum.
Genotypical testing is recommended (need a viral load of >1 000 copies/ml) as the preferred resistance testing to guide therapy in patients with suboptimal virological responses or virological failure while on first or second regimens (AIII).
Bunun yaninda Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi'ndeki iki yeni gelismeyi de bildirmek isterim: Yukaridaki gelismelere paralel uc misli artan yazi akisi dolayisi ile AIII sahifemizde ozetlenen "Yazarlara bilgi" kisminda sik sik degisiklik yapmamiz gerekti.