AIIPAssociazione Italiana Internet Provider
AIIPAmerican Indians into Psychology (est. 1999; Oklahoma State University)
AIIPAssociation of Independent Information Producers
AIIPAssociazione Italiana Investigatori Privati (Italian: Italian Association of Private Investigators; Rome, Italy)
AIIPAdvanced Industry Information Package
AIIPAFSC Information Integration Program
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The AIIP comprises social innovations, product and processes innovation generated by industry and research innovations from the academia and R&D labs.
This mirrored very much what the AIIP had begun doing some 12 years earlier.
The AIIP Awards Committee found that the 10K Wizard's Regulatory Database consolidates nine disparate sources of regulatory information, enabling users to utilize simple keywords or complex Boolean expressions to find and monitor the evolutionary path of regulations from a variety of related sources.
The Ministry of Industries has notified Auto Industry Investment Policy (AIIP) to attract fresh investment in the sector.