AIIRAirborne Infection Isolation Room
AIIRAll India Internet Radio
AIIRAir Intelligence Information Report (National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena)
AIIRAssociation des Ingénieurs de l'INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) de Rennes (French engineers association)
AIIRAssociazione Imprenditori Italiani in Romania (Italian: Association of Italian Entrepreneurs in Romania)
AIIRArtists International Independent Radio (Internet radio)
AIIRAdvanced Innovative Interdisciplinary Research (Virginia)
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The objective of this study is the computational analysis of the airflow patterns and influenza-infected cough aerosol transport behavior in a ceiling-ventilated AIIR and determination of the ceiling ventilation's effectiveness in mitigating a HCW's exposure to airborne infectious aerosols.
* If an AIIR room is not available, place a mask on the patient and place the patient in a private room, keeping the door closed.
As the outbreak evolved, the pandemic virus proved to be not easily transmitted via an airborne route, leading CDC to recommend reserving airborne infection isolation rooms (AIIRs) for medical procedures that cause bioaerosols.
As part of this new arrangement, an Edale FL3,17" six-color flexo press equipped with AiiR (Autonomous Register setup and motorized inking and impression pressure adjustment), automated finishing, Fujifilm Flenex water wash flexo plates, Fujifilm Illumina LED curing lamps with LED UV inks, and Fujifilm Dimatix Samba imprinting will be installed at Fujifilm's US demonstration center near Chicago, IL.
The second paper examines the effectiveness of a currently used Airborne Infection Isolation Room (AIIR) in protecting healthcare workers (HCWs) from airborne-infectious (AI) exposure.
Aiir; and Robert Seall, A co[m]mendation of the adue[n]terus viage of the wurthy Captain ...
Consequently, FHWA released Alternative Intersections/Interchanges: Information Report (AIIR) (FHWA-HRT-09-060), which highlights four alternative intersection designs and two interchange designs that offer substantial advantages over conventional at-grade intersections and grade-separated diamond interchanges.
aiir: "sed praeter caetera id studui, ut materiae omnes, nouis inuentionibus atque argutissimis, minusque expectatis concluderentur."
SARS-designated hospitals ceased providing general patient care and began complying with the AIIR construction schedule, including reengineering or installation of new ventilation equipment.
Managing director Trevor Smith chose to purchase the new 8-color Edale FL3, which features AiiR print automation and delivers improved registration accuracy, reduced waste and setup times, reduced tooling cost and operator intervention leading to a more consistent, higher quality final product for its customers.
In Federal and State pandemic contingency plans, an Airborne Infection Isolation Room (AIIR) is prescribed when HCWs conduct aerosol-generating procedures on Pan-Flu patients.