AIISAmerican Institute of Indian Studies
AIISAmerican Institute for International Steel
AIISAnterior Inferior Iliac Spine
AIISAutomated Issue Identification System
AIISAutomated Information Infrastructure System
AIISArtificial Intelligence Software Agent
AIISAmeritec Information Industry Services
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The clinical exam may reveal palpable AIIS pain and limited passive hip flexion with end range anterior hip pain.
42) Manouvrier, "Le progres anthropologique de l'intelligence," AIIS 1912, 4 (1913), pp.
But see AIIS, AIIS Applauds Bush Administration Steel Exemptions, But Sounds Alarm About Tariff Impact on Small Steel Consumers, at http://www.
The AIIS letter concludes: "Enacting a restructuring program that ends subsidies and protection and promotes elimination of non-economic capacity will encourage the development (in the United States) of a world-class competitive industry and will benefit all segments of the steel sector.
The AIIS course includes graphics, animation, text, digitized video stills, an extensive glossary and many other features.
The issues selected by the AIIS vary from those selected by an expert panel of classifiers only about 5% of the time.
Francis Fukuyama,"State Building", Tirana 2008 AIIS, p.
Rossi and Dragoni further reported that the IT, ASIS and AIIS were the three most commonly reported sites of avulsion fracture in the pelvis, which is in accordance with the results of the activity related cases in this study.
7% in FY2005 (after implementation of the AIIS in the early 2000s).
The president of the AIIS, which comprises nearly 200 firms, said antidumping measures, as employed in the United States and supported by U.