AIISAmerican Institute of Indian Studies
AIISAmerican Institute for International Steel
AIISAmerican Institute of International Studies (California)
AIISAnterior Inferior Iliac Spine
AIISAutomated Issue Identification System
AIISAutomated Information Infrastructure System
AIISAmeritec Information Industry Services
AIISArtificial Intelligence Software Agent
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AIIS: anterior inferior iliac spine; red arrow: midpoint; blue arrow: measured distance (thickness).
(2,4,7) IT injuries are often seen with sudden, aggressive lengthening of the hamstring muscles, whereas injuries to the ASIS and AIIS are the result of abrupt eccentric contraction of hip extensor muscles while the knee is flexed.
Caption: Figure 1: Delayed-phase SPECT/CT displaying increased activity in the left AIIS extending to the superior acetabular rim.
The clinical exam may reveal palpable AIIS pain and limited passive hip flexion with end range anterior hip pain.
With an anterior illiofemoral incision left hip joint approached similar, osteotomy performed starting from a point midway between ASIS and AIIS. (1) A curvilinear osteotomy done along the superior margin of acetabulum, ending just short of the iliopubic limb of triradiate cartilage.
After reading letters from your readers in the November issue, I feel compelled to offer yet another perspective on the use of AIIs in the field.
steel market in 2012 as stated in a report released by the American Institute for International Steel (AIIS).
Para a efetiva utilizacao de ativos tangiveis e intangiveis internos relacionados aos PEPs (Produtos Estrategicos Priorizaveis) visa-se determinar e hierarquizar objetivos de manufatura que possam determinar melhores niveis de eficiencia operacional, ou seja, proximos a 1 (um) para PEPs com AIIs relacionados.
A photograph of the map was obtained through the courtesy of AIIS, Gurgaon.
In contrast, a lobby group for US steel industry owners, the American Institute for International Steel (AIIS), opposes the move.