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[14] Ferson DZ, Brimcombe JR, Brain AIJ. The laryngeal mask airway.
Structural and Construction Engineering, AIJ 365, 20-27 (in Japanese).
[13] simulated section terrains II, III, and IV of wind profile according to AIJ. In the wind tunnel test, the reference wind velocity at the top of the models was near to 6 m/s and the wind velocity ratio was 1: 4.
Next, we add the entire set of values in a row [a.sub.i] = [[summation].sup.n.sub.j=1] aij to obtain W1' = [1,2.2,0.4,0.4] and W2' = [2.2, 1, 0.4, 0.4].
A tecnica de congregacao de valores das respostas dos sete entrevistados seguiu a metrica Aggregation Individual Judgements (AIJ) que consiste, segundo apontam Forman e Peniwati (1998), em um metodo de agrupamento de julgamento das prioridades individuais.
This methodology was initially applied to tension specimens made of plain concrete (Figure 7), and its viability was evaluated by comparing these results with the analytical equations available in the literature to evaluate tension stiffening, that is: Belarbi and Hsu (1994) [1], Collins and Mitchell (1991) [2], Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ, 1986) [3], Federation Internationale du Beton (FIB, 2012) [4], and Fields and Bischoff (2004) [5] for a stabilized cracking stage with long-term loading.
RM=[square of ([[summation].sup.n.sub.k] = 1)] (aik - aij),n = 3
A artrite idiopatica juvenil (AIJ) nao e uma unica doenca, e sim um termo que engloba todas as formas de artrite que se iniciam antes dos 16 anos, com duracao maior que seis semanas e de causa desconhecida.
TABLE 1--Metrics of vegetation fragments used in the landscape structure analysis Metrics Symbol Formula Area A aij ([m.sup.2]) Perimeter P Pij (m) Shape I 25pij/ [square root]aij Proportion Perimeter/Area PARA pij/aij Euclidean Distance NNDist Hij Total number of fragments NP Ni in a class Metrics Variation Area A>0 unlimited Perimeter P>0, unlimited I> 1, unlimited.