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AILDAs I Lay Dying (novel/band)
AILDAngioimmunoblastic Lymphadenopathy with Dysproteinaemia
AILDAlcohol-Induced Liver Disease
AILDAngioimmunoblastic Lymphadenopathy with Dysgammaglobulinemia
AILDAmiodarone-Induced Lung Disease
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At the heart of AILD is the Bundren family's bizarre journey to Jefferson, to bury Addie, wife and mother.
But it is the dead fish, 'all cut up into not-fish now' AILD, 49 (9) that mainly substitutes for Vardaman's dead mother, and through which he attempts to grasp the meaning of her death, and of his own identity.
The band crafted a monstrous sound that in some regards pushed AILD into the heaviest turf yet (credit there goes to drummer Jordan Mancino) and likewise opened passages for Lambesis to chime in on occasion with vocal parts far more melodic than he has delivered in the past.
Yet within the maelstrom, AILD holds some provocative subjects, and challenges the listener to take the next step beyond rage.
Suggests a move away from traditional readings of Temple Drake as a whore and a liar to a reading which recreates the most satisfying reading of SF and AILD, i.
The title of AILD relates to the manner of Agamemnon's death in The Odyssey, but Fowler proposes that Faulkner chose it not only because Agamemnon's speech stresses the indignity of death, but also because the line "evokes matricide and a mother's revenge.