AILICAnnuity Investors Life Insurance Company (Cincinnati, OH)
AILICAmerican Income Life Insurance Company (est. 1951; Waco, TX)
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As a result, GALIC and AILIC reported record fixed annuity deposits in 2010, driven by sales through banks.
The ratings also reflect the companies' established position among the market leaders in certain individual tax-deferred annuity products, their stable liability structure and the recent capital contributions made by GAFRI to augment the surplus of GALIC and AILIC.
These ratings upgrades reflect Standard & Poor's assessment that GALIC and AILIC are core to AFG's specialty insurance operations.
GAFR offers fixed and variable annuities to both qualified and non-qualified markets, life and accident and health insurance through its insurance operating subsidiaries GALIC, Loyal and AILIC.