AILUAssociation of Industrial Laser Users (UK)
AILUAsynchronous Interface Line Unit (telecommunications)
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The program started by introducing every official, and was followed by the speeches of our village head Ailu, Tomuk Tama Mui, and important visiting officials.
There is so much love and detail here that one cannot help but wish Ailu the poet the best of recoveries in his own struggles, and for more wonderful books like this.
The new processing head, according to Dr Jon Blackburn, manager of TWI's laser and sheet processes group and vice president of AILU, will be capable of performing three processes: welding, cutting and cladding.
Professors Andy Gale, of the University of Cumbria, and Lin Li from Manchester University (and past President of AILU) will outline how nuclear engineering fits into the UK Government Industrial Strategy, and what opportunities exist for the application of lasers in the nuclear industry.
Such capabilities were discussed by Dr Simon Kirk, of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, at AILU's Industrial Laser Applications Symposium in Crewe, UK, in March, which Matthew Dale has covered in his report of the event on page 8.
As if these weren't reasons enough to attend, there will also be a poster presentation, a drinks reception, and a grand symposium dinner in the Long Gallery of Crewe Hall--where the prestigious AILU Awards will be presented.
This year, AILU has circulated a business confidence survey to its member companies to take the pulse of the laser industry, with a focus on the UK in particular.
To answer these questions, several parameters need to be considered, and AILU is running a workshop on 3 October (details below) where those seeking the answers can learn more from experts first hand.
Robert Yeo, managing director of Pro-Lite Technology, updated members of the UK Association for Industrial Laser Users (AILU) about the changes to the PPE regulation at AILU's annual general meeting on 26 April.
Recognising that this market is both the biggest by number of end-users and also the least-served by information and knowhow from trade associations, AILU has planned an event to inform and engage with the makers in the UK.