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An' then I see Doctor Hall go away, wrunklun' hus eyebrows an' shakun' hus head like the bairn was ailun'.
China's Guo Ailun prepares to take a shot during the Basketball World Cup Group A game between Ivory Coast and China in Beijing on August 31, 2019.
(60.) Ailun Yang & Yiyum Cui, Global Coal Risk Assessment: Data Analysis and Market Research 7-9 (World Res.
Cross, 34, and Ailun Ku, 29, both of Brooklyn, N.Y.
But these actions have put them in an advantageous position in these negotiations," said Ailun Yang, head of climate and energy at Greenpeace China.
"You could say local governments are trying to blackmail the central government: If you order me to do something I can't deliver, I will pass on the pressure to ordinary people," said Yang Ailun, a spokeswoman for Greenpeace China.
Ailun Yang from Greenpeace China told Al Jazeera that leaders needed to understand that the conference was "too important to fail".
Greenpeace China's Ailun Yang said: "Given the urgency and magnitude of the climate change crisis, China needs stronger measures to tackle climate change."
"On the one hand, you increase production in China; on the other hand you criticize China on the emission reduction issue." Yang Ailun of Greenpeace China agrees: "All the West has done is export a great slice of its carbon footprint to China and make China the world's factory."
Ailun Yang of Greenpeace China said developing countries objected to the Japanese idea of abandoning binding targets for rich nations by just setting their own targets based on sectors.
"The safety issue is simply not something the Chinese government can afford to overlook," said Ailun Yang, climate and energy campaign manager for Greenpeace China.
"All of a sudden, it's not so much China as the victim of climate change, but about how much responsibility China should bear," said Yang Ailun of Greenpeace Chinashe.