AIM-TWXAbridged Index Medicus Accessed by Teletypewriter Exchange Service
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When AIM-TWX was opened as an experimental system to a select group of users across the country in June 1970, it became the first national medical information service available from any teletypewriter or TWX terminal in the country, for the price of a telephone call (Dee, 2007).
Conclusions Following the study, Lancaster concluded that many biomedical practitioners could exploit AIM-TWX profitably with minimal introduction to the system and without using a trained MEDLARS analyst.
There is a certain novelty factor about AIM-TWX that is at least partly responsible for the very favorable acceptance it has in most quarters.
The visibility and importance of the AIM-TWX study in the field is clear from numerous citations in ARIST, some examples of which are included here.
Soon after the completion of the AIM-TWX study Lancaster used the same evaluation framework for an evaluation of the online Epilepsy Abstracts Retrieval System (EARS) the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS) (Lancaster, 1971a; Lancaster, Rapport, & Penry, 1972).