AIM-TWXAbridged Index Medicus Accessed by Teletypewriter Exchange Service
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Conclusions Following the study, Lancaster concluded that many biomedical practitioners could exploit AIM-TWX profitably with minimal introduction to the system and without using a trained MEDLARS analyst.
There is a certain novelty factor about AIM-TWX that is at least partly responsible for the very favorable acceptance it has in most quarters.
The visibility and importance of the AIM-TWX study in the field is clear from numerous citations in ARIST, some examples of which are included here.
Soon after the completion of the AIM-TWX study Lancaster used the same evaluation framework for an evaluation of the online Epilepsy Abstracts Retrieval System (EARS) the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS) (Lancaster, 1971a; Lancaster, Rapport, & Penry, 1972).