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AIMCOAutomotive Industrial Marketing Corporation (Portland, OR)
AIMCOApartment Investment Management Company (Columbus, OH)
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Cooper Winston is the executive CPM for AIMCO and overseas the Yardley, Pennsylvania-based branch, as well as two other branches in Pittsburgh and Massachusetts.
For the past two years, Goldfarb and Lindenfeld have acted as leasing agent for 26 AIMCO properties, and have successfully leased more than 15,000 square feet of space to tenants including Reis, Ltd.
Prior to starting his job with AIMCO in September 2006, Daugherty researched risk management and found information on a number of related associations.
20, District Judge David Stewart placed AIMCO on supervised probation for Pleasant Valley Pointe, which gives the company until Jan.
Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Housing and Urban Development: Two others recently were found to be in violation of Little Rock's rental housing code -- violations which AIMCO says will cost more than $500,000 to fix.
Two-thirds of the 122 apartments are rent regulated, and the remaining 42 units are being rented at market rates, which offers great upside value for AIMCO, according to Harry Alcock, chief investment officer at AIMCO.
AIMCO will serve approximately 1 million residents, according to AIMCO President Peter Kompaniez.
We will get first hand commentary on how two major players acquire property, AIMCO for multi-family apartment houses and SL Green for commercial office buildings.
to manage those units, and used Property Asset Management as its fee manager, Kompaniez brought those units to the table when AIMCO went public.
AIMCO is looking for properties to buy in New York, an activity which has caused us to really focus on building valuations here.
At its completion, AIMCO will have ownership interests in 245,000 units and will employ more than 16,000 people to manage, including thc ownership units, more than 390,000 units in 2,164 properties," said Terry Considine, chairman and chief executive officer of AIMCO.
Coincidentally, my firm is acting asAs a buyer-broker for AIMCO,, the largest residential REIT in the country.