AIMDAdditive Increase, Multiplicative Decrease
AIMDAccounting and Information Management Division
AIMDAmerican Institute for Managing Diversity
AIMDAircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department
AIMDActive Implantable Medical Device
AIMDAb Initio Molecular Dynamics
AIMDAircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment
AIMDAircraft Intermediate Maintenance Division
AIMDAviation Intermediate Maintenance Depot
AIMDAdditional Increase Multiplicative Decrease
AIMDAvionics Integrated Maintenance Department
AIMDArchitecture Integration & Management Directorate (US Army TRADOC)
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BoostMAC [4] employs an AIMD (Additive Increase and Multiplicative Decrease) mechanism to control the polling interval of the sensor.
We do CCA repair," said Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyrel Noneo, a miniature electronics repair technician from Fallon, Nevada, and leading petty officer in the AIMD 2M repair shop.
La creacion de la filial argentina de la AIMD a finales de 1934 coincidio con un periodo de gran actividad para consolidar la medicina aplicada a las actividades fisicas.
Valmie's end-to-end cloud platform, AIMD (Autonomous Intelligence for Mobile Devices), is mean to help users manage and control independent mobilised devices with a unique set of data services.
The regulatory approval was granted for the Maestro Implant Kit, which is comprised of a rechargeable neuroregulator, anterior and posterior leads and a clinician transmit coil, as well as the individual implantable rechargeable neuroregulator component, both of which were AIMD applications, the company said.
AIMD Lemoore has achieved time and cost reductions at the maintenance activity level using AIRSpeed's prescribed tools of Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean, and Six Sigma; but, could further improvements be made by changing the organization structure or management practices?
The NAS Lemoore AIMD is responsible for maintenance of F/A-18C/D/E/F aircraft.
First, specific assignments are periodically posted to the AIMD Web site.
But AIMD means that it takes several packets to reach the effective carrying capacity of a given link, and, since every TCP connection starts anew, an HTML page delivered via HTTP 1.
SQRT and IIAD provide smooth throughput compared to regular TCP by adjusting the increasing and decreasing parameter of AIMD.
I recently completed my tour onboard USS Wasp (LHD 1), where I served as the AIMD Officer.
AIMD and Safari Group officials are seen along with the Ministry of Business and Trade official Mohamed Hammad al-Marri at the Denim Summer promotion's raffle draw held at Safari Mall Abu Issa Marketing & Distribution (AIMD), a member of Abu Issa Holding, sole distributors of Denim, Brut and Asepso, has carried out its first successful year of Denim Summer Promotion -- 2011 with the Safari Group.