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Perhaps one of the nicest things about finding out about his life is that since he died I have been contacted by the daughter of his bomb aimer, Bob Hay, who was killed on the raid on the viaduct and buried in Sardinia.
It was the first time in his four-year service that he has been involved in operations of this kind, with his additional role of minigun aimer taking him on to the upper deck in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees.
Typical is Bomb Aimer, Battle of the Ruhr in which a bomb-aimer peers through his sights into a maelstrom of flak and swirling searchlights.
Tom remained close friends with navigator Rex Waller from Bruton, Somerset, and bomb aimer Maurice Webster from Southport, Merseyside, - but lost contact with the other three.
John served as a bomb aimer on Lancasters of 166 Squadron and participated in the Manna operation near the end of the war dropping food to the starving Dutch people.
Punctuation is occasionally faulty: never more so than between lines 655 and 656, where the absence of any punctuation turns an invocation of Saint-Germain into the unfortunate direct object of the verb aimer.
Foreign brands such as Triumph target the high-end of the market, whilst domestic brands such as Aimer and Maniform are marching further into the middle of the market.
Il faut aimer l'art pour pouvoir offrir aux melomanes les morceaux les plus melodieux.
J'ai envie de reapprendre a aimer Aimer les hommes et le monde Aimer les etres et les choses Aimer demain et maintenant Aimer hier et tous les temps Aimer ici et ailleurs Sans rancune et sans peur Pour me sentir si bien Mais sans toi, Je n'ai envie de rien
Bill cites being a bomb aimer in Lancaster bombers during the Second World War as being his inspiration together with his love for Whitby and Shetland, where his book is mainly based.