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AIMIAssociazione-Italiana Massaggio Infantile (Italian: Italian Association of Infant Massage)
AIMIAviation Intensively Managed Item
AIMIAviation Intensive Management Item
AIMIArmor, Infantry and Mechanized Infantry
AIMIAdvanced Integrative Medical Institute
AIMIAutomatic Identification Manufacturers International (Pittsburgh, PA)
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The presence of a more severe STSE in D3 compared to that in D2 was found to have a positive predictive value of 97% in the prediction RCA occlusion in AIMI (8).
Therefore, it is clinically important to determine the proximity of culprit lesion along RCA to predict the patients potentially at risk for AIMI related complications including bradyarrhythmias and severe hypotension.
AIMI dedicated itself to the Continuing Care Retirement Community market in 1980.
So AIMI turned the company's media room into a makeshift blood donation center.
Hirose has served AIMI for six years as Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary.
In retrospect, calendar year 2000 was very good for AIMI.
More important is that AIMI not only met, it exceeded its sales goals during the late-1998 launch of the campaign.
The NPR continued as the mainstay of the AIMI commercial vehicle lineup with combined sales of the diesel and gas powered models totaling 1177 units.
Our 10-year, 120,000 mile Powertrain Limited Warranty continues to motivate new buyers by providing them with a level of confidence unmatched by our competitors," said Buck Trawick, AIMI Vice President, SUV sales.
com)-- Microsoft's Retail Management System (RMS) point of sale software was fully integrated with Coloseum Software's AIMI eBook Firearms Bound Book software.